Abandoned Street - 3D Modelling and Texturing

Scene Design Posters

I was tasked with creating a 3D scene around the theme of lost treasure; I chose to take a unique approach and have an abandoned city as my setting and have a special weapon as the lost treasure (Similar to how they are represented in video games). The first part of the submission was to render a series of posters which show the the 3D scene, these can include clay, wireframes and textures. I achieved an A overall for this assignment during the second semester of my first year studying Games Design at University.

This shows the three posters of the scene

Sketchfab Interactive Upload

The scene was created using Autodesk 3DS Max and each object was UV'd to fit onto individual 4 texture sheets. I then took each individual model into Substance Painter and hand textured them using a combination of pre-made materials and other substance tools. Below you can view the final scene on Sketchfab.

Final scene fully textured

Few props from inside the scene