Apex Racing - Unity Racing Prototype

Game Concept and Project Overview

The brief for this group project was to create a game prototype based on the racing genre. This is where we decided on Apex Racing being a fast paced arcade game which we felt would be appropriate for the assignment but still allowed for a lot of creative freedom.

As this was a group project the work was spread between 4 people but because I was the only designer my role was lead designer and technical artist. This included brainstorming all the main gameplay concepts and laying out a plan for the term; on top of this I had to create and texture all 3D models and 2D textures/sprites. This gave me a good handle of the workflow which might take place within a small games studio. To finish the game and clean the visuals so the game had a coherent aesthetic I was tasked with being the technical artist, I really enjoyed this role and it allowed me to control lighting and visual effects for the whole project.

Game Assets and Lighting

I created all of the 3D modelled power-ups for the game as well as 2D renders for UI representation. My next focus was lighting and this went hand in hand with the post-processing effects and the aurora shaders given to us by a member of the unity community.