3D Clay Model Assignment

Models Design Brief

The brief was to model a selection of 6 objects chosen by the lecturers in 3DS Max. Then render a series of images for each object including clay and wireframes, compile these each on their own A3 portfolio poster design. Each poster should be created in Photoshop, and includes a title, border theme and student details. An appropriate amount of detail needs to be kept throughout, with at least 6 posters showing different 3D models. Each of the model categories had a polygon count which had to be followed, the more complex the model the higher the polygon count allowed. I received an A grade for this particular module during my first year of Games Design at University.

This shows the vehicle being created in Autodesk 3DS Max

Poster Designs

The next set of images are the final poster designs which had to be submitted alongside the online model links. These were used to show off the model quickly and display some of the wireframe.

Sketchfab Interactive Uploads

Each of the models were uploaded to Sketchfab for submission and can be viewed below; we were allowed to use post-processing and lighting effects to enhance our models.

Futuristic Space Ship (Clay)

Log Cabin (Clay)

Venus Fly Trap (Clay)

Destiny Inspired Futuristic Sword (Clay)

Old Antique Mantle Clock (Clay)

Wild West Whisky Bottle (Clay)