The Cube Maze - 3D Unity Prototype

Game Concept and Project Overview

This is a work-in-progress project; development is still ongoing and changes are still being made.

This was a personal game project collaboration with a friend and game programming student, Sam Baker. We both worked on multiple areas of the project together however I took the reigns on the design side and he focused on the functionality and programming logic. The game concept was built on from a small task set during a lecture earlier this term (September 2018); essentially the player rolls a ball around a randomly generated 6-sided cube to try and collect as many gems as possible within a time limit.

These show the current build of the game with working movement map generation and lighting

Game Assets and Lighting

I created the cube using 3DS Max so that we could have a unique shape and style to the cubes to give the impression they interlocked, I also used random colouring and shading to stylise the cubes faces. Majority of the lighting was unity directional lights as well as post-processing effects on the main camera.

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