Festival Thrashers - 3D Unity Party Game

Project Overview and Lore Pow Introduction

This is a large group project being worked on by multiple people, together we make up Lore Pow; an ambitious student game dev team currently working on Festival Thrashers for some of the members final year game dev project. I was interviewed by members of the team (final year students) as part of my second year module as a (fictional) contractor, my time with the team has officially finished however they have invited me to continue working as an official member of the team around my studies.

I am currently working as a junior designer completing a range of tasks including lighting within engine to modelling and texturing assets for the environment. Festival Thrashers is a 4 player local party game where players have to reach the end of the level by dodging traps and knocking each other off the map to earn points. The game is still in early development but remains fun and engaging and so far user feedback has been really impressive.

Here is a trailer created for the latest build of the game.

Level Design and Lighting

My first set of tasks involved creating early designs and later whiteboxes of the gameplay levels which eventually evolved and can now to be seen to be populated by props and other environment assets. My initial response was to create a template document which uses a grid to snap the traps and this is echoed within engine. I worked on these levels with the primary level designer and project leader Chloe.

Another part of project I focused on leading up to the tech demo was creating a simple lighting and skybox system which would work well with the stylized graphic assets to initially present the game. This will be developed over the course of the next sprint.

Asset Creation and Texturing

Although the majority of objects and props had already been modelled before I joined the project, nothing had been textured; So me and lead artist on the project, Nick, worked on refining a substance painter pipeline to keep the texturing consistent. Some objects like the balloons and tents have custom masks which I created using RGB layering so that Nick could use a shader within Unity to add variation to each instance.

Gameplay and Visual Effects

Along with creating some assets and textures, I worked within the Unity project to make a carnival confetti particle system which I then developed into a confetti cannon using bursts. I also had input into different aspects of the gameplay regarding flow and trap usage around each of the maps.

Lore Pow Team

These are the other members of the Lore Pow team, for more information on them, check out their portfolios!

Chloe Bostock

Kieran Bond

Nick Wiltshire

Tom Toye

Jake Ivany