Skirmish Dungeon Prototype - 3D Unity Dungeon Crawler

Assignment Brief

I was asked to create a 3D game level in Unity, using the unity tools and techniques I was taught in the previous semester. The game level must demonstrate the use of triggers, opening and closing doors, collisions, and physics based reactions to events occurring in-game. When the game is loaded, the user should be presented with a splash screen followed by a main menu that contains at least 3 options (Start Game, Options and Quit). One of these options must allow the modification of game settings.

I was given a simple random walk maze generator as a starting point for the assignment. I took this and modified it by changing parts of the code and adding new additions. Other features of the game include enemies which follow a procedurally generated navigation mesh and a player with keyboard and click-to-move controls.

These show some of the gameplay as well as the Unity scene after a level has been generated

Asset Creation

All of the assets used in the game were a combination of online textures and unity prefab shapes to create simple representations of swords, torches and other gameplay elements. As this was a prototype, in a full sized game these would have been with replaced by fully detailed models and bespoke textures.

The game has a handful of additional elements I created including scripts, animations, lighting and post-processing. I wanted to make the game look visually appealing for a prototype so a lot of time was spent making sure the lighting and special effects worked well in the small levels.