VR Beginner - Unity Learn Project

Project Overview

This project was created by the content team at Unity during which I was completing my internship as a technical artist. This project is a short VR experience which helps beginner developers start to create and understand developing for virtual reality, you can find the learning content on Unity Learn.

I was part of 4 main developers who worked in engine and took the project from concept to release. Although my focus was on designing and implementing visual effects and shaders, I was also involved with all aspects of the project, especially visual, including: modelling, texturing, scripting, lighting, testing and most importantly creating a fun and engaging project. I also, with guidance and feedback, directed and edited the trailer which can be found on all of Unity's social platforms.

Visual Effects and Lighting

As I was the only technical artist on the project, all of the effects were created and implemented by me. The systems used include Shuriken, Visual effect graph and Shader graph, these were all interests of mine prior to this project so I was keen to improve my skills and this project absolutely allowed me to do that. As the project had to be very lightweight for distribution within schools, I created all the effects to take advantage of prodceural noise and other math opperations such as step and posterize so I could avoid heavy textures (which we echoed in the models and textures throughout the rest of the project). This also allowed me to keep the theme consistent and styalized./p>

I also completed a lot of the initial lighting passes, but this was a very iterative process between me and the team's creative director, as well as working on finalizing and optimisation with other members of the team.

Prototype Level Assets

The tutorials walk the user through creating there own VR interactions using assets we provided. These were distributed between the artists with my major contribution being the fusebox you can see below and the environment setup. This texturing was all completed in Substance Painter and to keep the level of detail consistent a good portion of the assets were given to me to have a final pass of detail.

Content Links

Here you will find links to most of the content locations should you want some more info on the project or the team behind it.

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Asset Store

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